Trenbolone Before & After

5 Amazing Trenbolone Before And After Case studies

Tren, AKA Trenbolone as been around for many years and well known for its excellent results and transformations. Some say it’s fifty times more potent than industry-standard testosterone.

There is no better way to showcase this excellent product than to show you results. These trenbolone before and after pictures and stories are amazing.

Before we get started, we must stress that although the guys featuring in this blog post main compound in their stack was Tren, it was not the only compound. Although every single gym goer and athlete I have ever spoken too, always agree, Tren is the most explosive way to get results.

Even though trenbolone is one of the best, if not the best. You still need to be on a high nutritional diet for weight loss to achieve these results.

Trenbolone Before And After (Case Study One)

Trenbolone Before & After (case study 1)

Stack: Test, Tren & Mast Cycle

Duration: 8 Week

Diet: Low Carb with weekly reload

Trenbolone Before And After (Case Study Two)

Tren Before & After (case study 2)

Stack: Test Prop & Tren Acetate

Duration: 12 Week

Diet: Low Calorie

Tren Before And After (Case Study Three)

Trenbolone Before & After (case study 3)

Stack: Tri Tren & Test 400

Duration: 16 Week

Diet: Low Carb & Fasting

Tren Before And After (Case Study Four)

Tren Before & After (case study 4)

Stack: One Rip, Clen & Anavar

Duration: 18 Week

Diet: Low Calorie

Trenbolone Before And After (Case Study Five)

Trenbolone Before & After (case study 5)

Stack: Test Enathate & Tren Enanthate

Duration: 10 Week

Diet: Low Carb


As you can see, Trenbolone is a fantastic product, coupled with some hard work in the gym and the kitchen, and you will get in the best shape of your life. No question about it!

But with any drug, there are side effects. If you’re new to Tren, you should read our “what is tren” article, and also we cover the correct dose you should take here.

If you have any future question, please send us a direct message on WhatsApp. We are always here to help.

Tren Dosage

Tren Dosage: The Complete Guide

If you’re into bodybuilding, or maybe you’re just starting, we’re pretty sure you will have heard about Tren. The big question is, what’s a safe tren dosage to take? What are the risks? 

In this article, you will learn about whats the best tren dosage for yourself. If you’re entirely new to the world of Tren, we suggest you read our in-depth guide: What is Tren

This drug is the most potent steroid available on the market. You must do your research! 


“Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and this is not medical advice. I’m sharing my experience of taking Tren and what I have learned over the years. You should always seem medical advice before taking any drugs.”

My Cycles:

I first ran Tren in my cycle around ten years ago and tried many times after that. I’m not a newbie and been taking steroids for around twenty years. So I’ve run many successful cycles before going anywhere near Tren. My diet and cardio are great, and side effects on any steroids are usually at zero. But I have not been able to complete an entire cycle of Tren to date. The side effects are not worth it. I suffer from them all;

  • Anger
  • Night sweats
  • Insomnia
  • Shortness of breath
  • Cardio gone

I get them all, and every single side effect is super extreme. The sides are that bad that if I just got one out of the five mentioned above, I would phase the Tren out of the cycle immediately. It is that bad.

Results: The results have been nothing short of a miracle. Tren is so frustrating for me because the gains are incredible, but I can’t handle the side effects. I do get rapid muscle gain, fat loss, and energy. Nothing comes close! But for me, the benefits are just not worth it.

Highest Tren Dosage:

Firstly, this is one of the craziest steroid doses I have ever seen, but we should be grateful for the guy’s honesty. There are not many people who dare be so upfront and honest about taking steroids, never mind crazy high doses like this.

1g of Tren per week for two weeks. 

Side effects:

  • Anger
  • Sweats
  • Emotional  

Interesting to see that he didn’t get any side effects running 300mg per week. I get side effects at all doses, even as low as 100mg per week.

Low Tren Dosage:

I have run 100mg per week and still had side effects; I have also seen customers and friends run 100mg per week and be fine.

It is wise to start low and build up into a larger dose if needed. Please don’t risk it and go medium/large amount for any anabolic steroid.

Average Tren Dose:

It is widespread to read on the internet to take 200-400mg per week. But this is nonsense, and please do your homework before taking Tren. Start low and build up, don’t listen to “experts” online or in the gym. One rule doesn’t fit all. If you’re going to take it, start low!

Top Tip:

If you take the fast-acting tren acetate, you can get the drugs out of your system a lot quicker if you get nasty side effects. Steroids should always be in line with long term goals, not short. If you want see some amazing results from Tren, take a look and read.

Final Say:

If you take away anything from this blog article, it should be that Tren is one of the most dangerous steroids you can take. Please do your homework and start with super-low doses. Tren is not for beginners, and I would only ever take Tren if I were training to enter a bodybuilding competition.