Bold (EQ)

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Bold (Eq)

Chemtech boldenone undecenoate 300mg is an enhancer that has been tailored to suit the needs of athletes at the top of their games. More prominently known as equipoise or simply eq, this is a supplement that will make you redefine the extent of your capabilities.

Intramuscular injection is one of the common forms of steds bodybuilders include in their stacks. The eq 300 dosage provides you with the juice you need to achieve a Herculean body. It is an anabolic steroid that is also used to treat sex hormone deficiencies.

Bold when in a cycle of steroids comes as one of the key factors to consider while you are trying to pick the right supplement for you. With a half cycle of 14 days, this steroid will kick in relatively faster and bring you desired results well ahead of schedule.

The most noticeable difference eq makes is that it stimulates your appetite. Eating is the most natural way to bulk up, and this sted increases your hunger and also improves your metabolism. The result is a strong, ripped body that you had always wanted.

It also boosts the red cell production in your body. Red cells mean more haemoglobin, more haemoglobin means more oxygen circulation, and that means revitalization of your vital organs. Better blood circulation is also essential for better muscle build.

However, eq overdose could lead to water retention and growth in male breast tissues. So, make sure you administer the right amount. It is crucial to use the amount that can take care of your physical needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

Chemtech brings you high-quality products that can match the effectiveness of Bayer, Alpha Pharma, and British Dragon products. We also prioritize your affordability, so we have made our products available at lucratively low prices. 

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  1. Pete D

    Very happy with the service and this stuff really works fast I saw big gains in just a couple of weeks.

    • Paul Saunders

      Thank you for taking time out and leaving a review 👍👍

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