Clenbuterol (40mcg x 100)

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Clenbuterol can make you really happy with some astonishing results if you had been having problems to say goodbye to some stubborn fat tissues. This fat burner comes in the form of tablets.

Clen tablets are very popular among bodybuilders, who use them to eliminate unwanted body fat so that they can attain their fitness goals. However, anyone who wants to lose weight could benefit from taking Clenbuterol.

There is a common misconception that you can only take these tablets alongside anabolic steroids. But, there is no scientific base behind this claim. As we said, anyone can use it to lose fat. 

If you are to use it for bodybuilding purposes, then what steroids you should use with it to run a cycle? We would recommend using it in tandem with Anavar or Winstrol. 

Why these two in particular? Var can protect lean gains and provide energy during the fat trimming phase. So, it would counter the side effects of Clen perfectly.

Winstrol exhibits similar properties too, which makes it a good choice for teaming up with Clenbuterol. Moreover, it has its own metabolism-enhancing traits. So, these two would be the perfect combination to deploy for fighting fat tissue growth.

If you are planning to use these tablets for shredding, then we highly recommend buying Anavar and Winstrol too. You can find all three of these on our website.

Chemtech puts consumer interest above all. We are committed to making the pharmaceutical market more accessible to a broader customer base. We offer quality that can compete with the likes of Organon and British Dragon, but we charge substantially less than our competitors. 

8 reviews for Clenbuterol (40mcg x 100)

  1. C Rich

    I bought 2 tubs of clen took 1 day after my breakfast eveymorning I have lost over 1 stone with following a diet plan and fitness program in last two month i would highly recommend these fast delivery

  2. Tommy

    1 a day after my breakfast feel brilliant weights dropping of me lads are bang on aswell

  3. Ryan Stevens

    Ordered clenbuterol 40mcg and since taking along with training and balanced diet I have lost 15lb in 3 weeks. Great product great service

  4. Lee Black

    Amazing stuff! I had 2 cheat meal and my weight was about the same. I usually put on half a stone with one cheat meal inside me + cakes. This is not a solution to your cheat meals this does increase the heart rate slightly so taper in and taper out by the end of 2nd week. Then stop for a while. A clean diet is imp to your fat loss goals. It does raise your body temp slightly but I am always cold due to Keto diet so that was not an issue for me. Also, take the test Cyp with this to preserve muscles if you are doing a lot of cardio. -Lee

  5. Beau Bowes

    Amazing product, does exactly what it’s supposed too

    • Paul Saunders

      Thank you for take the time to leave a review

  6. Becky

    Amazing product and great service from Paul – bare in mind that this product should definitely be started on a low dose and built up, but other than that it does exactly as it’s supposed to! I’m a couple of pounds down since starting, and I only began the course late last week!

  7. John

    I appreciate the continued great and no hassle service. I’ve been ordering here for the last 4 months, and never a problem. Thanks

  8. DWG

    Cracking stuff

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