Equitest (400mg)

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The Chemtech Equitest is a special blend of steroids that features testosterone enanthate and boldenone undecenoate. Both of the compounds have their unique features, so this particular mix brings you the best of both worlds. 

This solution is fortified with two of the most common steroids used by fitness professionals around the world. So, putting equitest in your stack means you are putting both bold, better known as eq, and test e in your stack. 

Why take steroids if it doesn’t bring you the desired results? If you feel like the standalone steroids aren’t cutting it for you, then try a combination of them in your stack. It’s like a portfolio inside a portfolio.

Equitest would help your body gain muscle mass rapidly. It drives up your hunger and increases your natural food intake. Besides, it also increases the release of growth hormone in your body. This eliminates all delays in the muscle-building process.

It also addresses sex hormone deficiencies and revitalizes the relevant glands inside our bodies to produce more sex hormones. If you have meaning to spice up your sex life lately, equitest can lend you a helping hand. 

It also does a great job of bringing the best out of the other stack materials. Besides making its own impact, it creates a platform for other agents to thrive in. Overall, this ensures more efficient and effective stack results. 

Chemtech is a company that is fighting relentlessly to uphold the interest of its loyal customer base. Do you need Alpha Pharma and British Dragon grade quality at a lower price? Then opt for Chemtech pharmaceuticals. 

Equitest (400mg)


1 review for Equitest (400mg)

  1. Jcush

    Ran this for 8 weeks got loads stronger muscles liking pumped all time fast delivery will always u nice to find good lab

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