HGH (Hygetropin 100iu Kit)

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HGH aka Human Growth Hormones is as natural as they come. Hygetropin derived this formulation from nearly 200 protein blocks, which are already present in our body.

So, why buy something that our body can produce naturally? Yes, our glands produce these hormones regularly, If you analyze our bloodstream, you would find these in abundance.

But, when you are crafting your body to perfection you would need an extra dosage of HGH, because, you would need your muscle mass to grow faster and also need to sustain them longer. 

HGH helps you to tic all these boxes. The supplementary administration of it can stimulate the natural production and absorption process in your body. The end product is a beautiful ripped body. 

It can enhance the lipolysis inside your body. Lipolysis is the process of transforming fat into fatty acids. Therefore, it can help you eliminate fat and gain a leaner appearance. 

It also allows you to recover swiftly from exhausting exercise drills. With increased endurance, you can take on even tougher challenges. If you want to step up your workout regimen, it would be of obvious help.

Connective tissues contain muscle fibers, so enlarged and stronger connective tissues will benefit you profoundly as a bodybuilder. Human Growth Hormones promote connective tissue hypertrophy.

Chemtech is fighting relentlessly to create a convergence between quality and affordability. Do you want the best pharma products at cheaper prices? Then Chemtech has got you covered.  

6 reviews for HGH (Hygetropin 100iu Kit)

  1. Steve

    real growth! thanks

  2. DG

    Made my order and received within 48 hours with out a glitch. Had the product tested and it’s 💯 the real McCoy!! Would definitely recommend and will be using again

  3. Andy

    Brilliant Products
    Excellent Service
    Easy to deal with definitely recommend
    Will be using again

  4. James

    Superb customer service these guys know their
    stuff! Very happy with the product at a good price
    and the speed of delivery was 1st class! And to quote
    Arnie “ile be back” Thanks

  5. Dave Lindley

    Super fast and friendly full of knowledge
    Brilliant service

    • Paul Saunders

      Thank you for the review,hope to ear from you again 👍👍

    • Paul Saunders

      Thank you for taking time out and leaving a review 👍👍

  6. Kev

    Good price, Fast delivery and Great service

    • Paul Saunders

      Thank you for taking time out and leaving a review 👍👍

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