Super Bulk (600mg Test Blend)

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Super Bulk

Chemtech Super Bulk is a masterful mixture of testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate. If you want to try out a new combination of roids to boost your bodybuilding pursuits, this could be the juice for you.

Test E and Test Cyp are two of the best supplements used by bodybuilding professionals around the world. Both of these compounds come with high approval ratings because of their functionality.

So, why use Super Bulk instead of using Test E and Test Cyp separately? While both of those steroids are capable of delivering excellent results, they come with their own set of vulnerabilities.

Here’s where this steroid comes in. No, it doesn’t bring down the side effect threat to zero, but it diminishes it to a significant level. Therefore, Super Bulk is a safer material to put in your cutting stack. 

As the name suggests, Super Bulk is a blend that focuses on getting you a ripped body. It helps you gain muscle mass and improves your endurance and metabolism. 

That’s not all it has to offer! It combines the right esters of testosterone to boost sex hormone production in your body. If you feel you have lost the zeal in your carnal life, Super Bulk can help recoup it. 

Moreover, it allows the other materials in your cutting stack to become more proactive. It establishes a solid base for other steroids and supplements to excel. Which, ultimately, leads to a more powerful and muscly physique.

Chemtech is committed to bringing you the best pharmaceutical products at a price range you can afford. Expect British Dragon and Alpha Pharma quality at surprisingly low prices. 

9 reviews for Super Bulk (600mg Test Blend)

  1. Martin french

    Used superbulk along with decca for few courses massive results also used one rip with test always use Cemtech labs for years had exalent results delivers when said they would received next day ordered at 9 highly recommend these enjoy getting massive no hassle big thumbs up

  2. Chris fryer

    The superbulk 600 is top quality gear. Been taking it 6 week iv put 21ib on… Was fast service will be shopping again on my next circle

  3. Andy

    Feeling massive gains already
    Fantastic product and excellent delivery

  4. D Law

    More than happy with this company….
    I had my product within 48 hours…. I’ve gained 25lb in 4 week and still 2 more weeks to go I’m more than impressed,I struggled to put weight on normally…. highly recommended

  5. Brad Grant

    Used this product and certainly does what it says

  6. Sam

    Great product and fast delivery

    • Paul Saunders

      Thank you for taking time out and leaving a review 👍👍

  7. Tom

    Amazing guy to deal with super helpful if this goes well I’m ordering loads more. Happy days definitely will buy again

    • Paul Saunders

      Thank you for taking time out to leave a review we appreciate

  8. Dan

    Top product, amazing service, quick delivery

    • Paul Saunders

      Ty for taking time out to leave a review,

  9. I law

    All my life I’ve struggled with to put weight , I’ve stacked oxey and superbulk 600 and iv put just short of 1 and half stone on I’m well happy with this brand, Customer service is 2nd to none… will be returning and highly recommended

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