Tamoxifen is a PCT drug that can address the hormonal imbalances occurring after a bulking or cutting phase. It helps your body to absorb testosterone better and achieve ideal homeostasis.

The anabolics bodybuilders use have different impacts on their bodies, particularly at the hormonal level. Some result in hormonal overdrive, while some reduce the natural production capacity of hormonal glands.

In the latter case, Tamoxifen can be of help. If your cutting or bulking steroid combination has compromised the production and absorption capacity of hormone glands and receptors, this is a problem you need to fix on an urgent basis.

If the testosterone levels fall below normal levels, it would create an estrogen surplus in your body, which would lead to conditions like gynecomastia. This often requires surgical intervention.

But, not any anti-estrogen drug will bail you out of this situation. Remember, you don’t have excess estrogen, you have lower testosterone. So, you need to find a way to amp up the production.

Here’s where Tamoxifen comes in. Instead of attacking the estrogen concentration, it focuses on making more testosterone. And once the testosterone levels are up, things will get back to normal.

The breast cancer drug has been used for years by bodybuilders as a PCT agent. If you are facing testosterone deficiencies following a cycle, you can expect it to improve the situation.

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