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Test 400

Test 400 is another variant of Chemtech’s testosterone blends. In this particular product, we have concocted a 400mg testosterone injection from elements of Test E, Test P, and Test Cyp.

This one is more suited to users who are new into the bodybuilding scene and want to get some quick results. Of course, the administering plan has to be cleared by a medical professional.

Test 400 isn’t as strong as Sustanon, but it still packs enough juice to buff you up faster than you had expected. It is the supplement you need to get you from a barrel-shaped person to a bodybuilder pin material.

All three of the testosterone esters used to cook up this solution has been around in the world of bodybuilding for decades. These are entry-level steroids that have far lower health risks than many advanced counterparts. 

Test E and Test P have some similar traits, but they also have their distinctive features. Test 400 amplifies the specialties of these and makes this mixture an ideal bodybuilding starter pack item. 

On top of that, the mix also contains Test Cyp. So, in unison, these three can help you eliminate body fat, facilitate lean gains, increase muscle strength, and of course, enhance your metabolism.

And you get all this at minimal health risks. The chances of water retention and other testosterone side effects are fairly low. Test 400 focuses on bulking you up the healthiest way possible.

Why take steroids made by Chemtech? We put customer interest above all. So, we are committed to bringing you products that can rival the likes of UK Pharma and Alpha Pharma. And, the best thing is, we keep the pricing well within your affordability. 

8 reviews for Test 400

  1. Barry

    I bought a ttm test 400 and tamoxifen and service was speedy and products were excellent. Sticking to chem tech from now on

  2. Shaun

    I’ve not been useing this long but I’m seeing good results in such short time I’m very happy and will continue to buy this

  3. David Smith

    Absolutely unbelievable product I’ve been training and using test for years and I’ve never had gains as quick and im benching more than ever I am tempted to try super bulk tho

  4. Matt

    Great product, fast delivery, great price!

  5. C P W

    I am a returning customer to

    Second to none service before buying and after buying,pointing me in the right direction and free advice…

    This Chemtech laboratories products is out of this world can not believe how much iv Transformed my body in a short period of time… sent my sex drive threw roof as well witch is always an added bouns

    • Paul Saunders

      Thank you for taking time out to leave a review from the team at chemtech Laboratories

  6. David S

    Return customer once again top service . Just done a 10 week course of test 400 and decca then went onto the hcg 5000 and Clomid . I feel epic and look better than I ever have at 44

    • Paul Saunders

      Thank you for taking time out to leave a review
      We are glad to ear you are finding our steroids very helpful and making u feel good about yourself…

      From the team at chemtech Laboratories and

  7. C P W

    Been on this test 400 3 weeks now and omg u wouldn’t Recognise me my body transformed just in 3 weeks is unreal

    Top quality service
    100% Genuine

  8. D saunders

    I think this is an outstanding blend of test
    Good service all round from start to finish & the product outstanding,work brilliant with my body

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