TTM (Test Tren Mast Cycle)

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TTM (Test tren mast cycle)

TTM is a special blend of testosterone enanthate and trenbolone enanthate. Instead of using a stack separately, you can use this combo in the mix to rule out certain flaws of each of these drugs.

Test e and tren e are popularly used by fitness professionals and amateurs alike all across the globe. TTM combines the best qualities both of these have to offer and creates an even better alternative. 

TTM can rival the most potent of AAS in enhancing physical endurance, muscle mass, cell regeneration, and production of useful hormones. It offers a perfect package of bodybuilding supplements.

What makes TTM an exceptionally good choice is that it features the best traits of test e and tren b. Tren b isn’t that useful in creating muscles, but it specializes in retaining the muscle you already have.

Test e, on the other hand, is not strong on helping you sustain a ripped body. But, it can do wonders in making you gain some lean muscles in a matter of days.

Here’s where TTM excels. It plays a role in muscle generation and also does a great job of sustaining your physique. It will build your muscles and protect them too.

While some health risks do exist, it nullifies or tones down most of the adverse side effects of tren b and test e. It is one of the safest and most powerful supplements you can use to bulk your body. 


Chemtech is a company devoted to bringing you the best at minimal prices. You can expect quality that can match Global Anabolics and Bayer products. But, the price is a whole lot cheaper.

6 reviews for TTM (Test Tren Mast Cycle)

  1. Perry c

    TTM IS A VERY GOOD BLEND OF TEST WITH FAST-ACTING WITH UNBELIEVABLE GAINS…. I’m more than happy with the product & the service of this company,I’m very happy customer 😃😃

  2. Perry c

    Really good

  3. Chris d

    Quality test fast acting and quick gains excellent product you won’t be disappointed

  4. C fryer

    I have a returning customer… I’ve used TTM And also Superbulk 600 and I’m
    Over moon with my results…

    I’m going to try the HGH see what becomes of that 😃😃 I’m feeling good & positive at min

  5. D law

    I have shopped on this site a few time and I keep returning as I find chemtech works better for me,TTM is a very high quality and brilliant blend… fast response,fast delivery and always willing to help or give advice

    • Paul Saunders

      Ty for taking time out to leave a review

  6. Mr wild

    On a bulking course and these oxy are strong as Fuk!! Taking with chemtech TTM and I’m well over moon with the products and Services and my results I’m getting…. I will be a retuning customer in the future and would highly recommend to anyone else

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